Tuesday, 7 June 2016

comfortable or happy

           I say dont be a comfortable person because its associated with being average.  Instead be a happy person and always put it before everything else. Comfortable takes you to the comfort zone which once there you wont find it easy getting out. First you feel OK then comes the idea of you being secure, that means you have a future which is good for you to trudge through with few criticism and average being.
        Be happy, happiness doesn't mean having what you want but instead having what you need. Accepting to have what you already have and then working towards what you need. Comfortable is about being in an average point where you cant achieve more than you think of. Sometimes to achieve what we want the most in life we have to abandon our comfortability and engage in energy draining processes that we are sometimes less paying but at the end of the day we are able to get more than we will be working for. In life we all get the chance to make the decisions about what to do and by luck we can get the second opportunities to make amends for our choices but.

           Happiness is all about living to the fullest and dreaming beyond our imaginations. Its all about being able to take the leap in faith and being able to get out there and getting what we want. The happiness world is all about taking what you love the most and putting things together as you want them to be, contrary on the comfort world we wait for people to make decisions to us. Be a freethinker and always thing like there is no box. Dont fail to imagine because it is the only thing that cannot be violated by anybody no matter who on these world, you and only you have the power to make or break your mental state. The greatest weapon you own is your mind use it well use it forever for things that make you happy not for those that make you comfortable.

        We live in a world where things are taken not given, take what you can with all your mental strength. The future belongs to the risk takers not the comfort seekers.
       Be passionate about what you do because passion goes hand in hand with happiness. Do what you do with all your energy and find happiness in it. Don't do things halfway and with a lot of complains and at the end of it all you're not satisfied with your own work. Take the passions ways and enjoy the ride. They say comfortable people who don't put in much of the efforts beyond average person are just not cut for the positions at the top. 

       The choice remains always yours to always use you mind for your own good and make sure you keep one rule forever in your head NEVER AGREE WITH ANYTHING OR ANYBODIES PHILOSOPHY IF YOU THINK IT DOESNT FIT IN YOUR LIFE including these article. Enjoy your month see you soon.


  1. I love the post. Gotta admit its got me thinking how imma be my own boss.

  2. Thats nice, keep focus and discover your purpose