Wednesday, 9 November 2016


           Life is like a game of cards with the cards facing down, which is why we never know what tomorrow has for us but we wake up to the hope that it has the best in store. We plan but sometimes we need luck to succeed, that why we pray. But one thing is for sure you either fail to plan and you will have planned to fail. Have dreams work hard and one day you will achieve what you seek. Here is where the proverb think before you leap comes in. Be very careful with the cards facing down because they are the ones that determine most of lifestyles. For example when you did your primary or secondary final exams you did not know the results immediately but when you obtained them they greatly influenced your future and you future merely depends on the choices and simple decisions we make daily. These leads me to the main question of the day, what do you want the most with your life is money, fame, love or a happy family. What are you doing about it to achieve it, are the small choices you making today leading you towards your goal or not. Ask yourself only a simple question, will these matter in a year or five years from now?
         They say every decision has consequences I just say make sure the consequences count at the end of the day. Definitely some consequences will not be preventable. We can’t control everything but we sure have control on ourselves that is our circle of influence where we need to focus more. The things we can’t control are under the circle of concern and we are better of without worrying about them. Are you ready to fight for what you want the most? Just take the leap in faith and do what you feel you need. Sometimes it all about jumping out of the normal program you are used to and do something different with your life. Believe in yourself and you sure can make it like all the others have done it.
           Take every misfortune as a lesson and stepping stone. Don’t get worried about yesterday its already gone focus on tomorrow. Don’t look back so much you are not headed that way. Build you character for the betterment of your tomorrow.  Do not accept to live a life less than your maximum potential that’s truly being a failure. We are made unique utilize your uniqueness.
         Always rock and roll in life with balance but without compromise. Take all risks you can afford to shoulder in order to achieve what you want with your life. You were born a pure copy why die a photocopy. Live life the best way possible finding the purpose of your existence. Die with memories and not dreams, keep your dreams alive and make sure you achieve your goals the only thing we live is because we believe tomorrow holds the best treasures in our lives and that no matter how dark today might seem we always look out for a brighter tomorrow.
         The road to success runs uphill, great men who conquer the world go through tough times before they can reach the top of their game. It pays to be a winner but it also demands you be at the best to attain your dreams. We will never be the same in terms of what we are after in life, thus we will need to ask ourselves one question, what do we want the most? Shut your critics out, grow a thick skin, think positively and always aim to be at your best in all that you do. Are you ready to swim with the sharks? Then you better start training in deep waters.
        Don’t compare someone’s chapter twenty to your chapter one your life is not a competition. The only competition you are in is you and your goals in order to meet your datelines. Make sure you stay motivated.

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