Tuesday, 9 August 2016


             Most of us have heard of these very basic rule in carpentry, perhaps only we did not know it can be applied in our normal lives as a principle in whatever we do. It’s the same saying as take time to sharpen your saw before you cut. Don’t you rush into action before you understand the procedures required for the process? Remember, Life doesn’t come with instructions, so take your time to write down your masterpiece before you can jump into action. A good start is a job half-done plan your steps well before you can start to execute them. Evaluate all the possibilities available you can’t miss one or two ways of doing something.

        Fail to plan then you planning to fail. Plan actions to be undertaken before starting to execute them. These gives a road map of what you want to achieve by the end of you actions. A plan gives you an outlook of the product you have to achieve at the end of the day. Life is all about preparation and you better be prepared well before you embark on your dreams. Just like we prepare for a journey, we all need to prepare before we can carry out a task. Convincing the mind before any task just acts to sum up the best possible outcomes. We get out of minds what we constantly feed in there. Just like we rip what we saw so we should fast create images in our minds then put them done on papers before we can create real life objects.

      Persistence breaks resistance. Prepare and then be persistence and you will surely achieve your goals. Sometimes all you need is courage to achieve your goals. In the battle between a stream and a rock the water wins not because of hardness but because of persistence. Take your time to define what you want on these world and then go for it. Cherish your dreams and visions as they the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievement.

    You can become an icon in the society or you can fit in but surely can’t do both at once. Napoleon hill once said time is a master worker that heals all the wounds of temporary defeat, and equalize the inequalities and rights the wrongs of the world. There is nothing impossible with time. Spend your time well and you won’t regret a moment on these world. Remember go slow to go fast, don’t rush and you won’t re-do the work again, just plan re-evaluate your plans then go to action knowing what awaits you. Imagination is better than knowledge because few have it, knowledge is easily available in books and anybody can have it whenever he reads. Your imaginations are sacred because they are purely the products of your thoughts and no one can corrupt them except you.  Time is all you have to be what you want to be in these world, spend it wisely.

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