Wednesday, 7 September 2016


     Time is everything, we cannot manage it, and it’s constant, we manage ourselves in reference to time, in order to achieve best results. Self-management can be categorized into four major categories. These include urgent and important, important and not urgent, not important but urgent, lastly, not important and not urgent. Remember its self-management that will get you results not time management time is just a tool that we can control ourselves in reference to.
     Urgent and important things are those things that you have to deal with as soon as they arise, these include phone calls which are a must you take when they ring. Only a single phone can change the way you shape your entire day. These are those tasks that have to be dealt with as soon as they arise.
    Not important but urgent work include the knock of a friend on your doorstep asking you for company to the market place. These is where most of our time goes. We tend to jump into solving other peoples’ problems without thinking about ourselves. We would then spend some hours on the roadside just having small talks with friends we meet which won’t help us at the end of the day, we even end up being late for our own tasks. Minimize the time you spend on these category and instead relocate it to important and not urgent things.
       Important and not urgent work. Make the blue box your best friend.  Perhaps the box we should allocate most of our time because these are the things that matter at the end of the day. Going to gym is not an urgent task but it is very important at the long run for our own physical condition. Planning for our own future is not an urgent issue but a quite important one because at some point in our lives the decision becomes urgent and important.
    Not urgent and not important tasks are the tasks that do not count at the end of the day whether you do or do not do them. Like spending time worrying about things we cannot change or overpower, it may be society manners, political or whatever worry we do not have any power or chance of changing.
      A more elaborate way of time or self-management based on the four quadrants of time can be found in Stephen Coveys’ best seller: 7 Habits of highly effective people.

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